Scientist II, Senior Scientist or Senior Scientist II

Simulations Plus in Lancaster, CA

Scientist II, Senior Scientist or Senior Scientist II

Immediate openings for Scientist II, Senior Scientist and Senior Scientist II in our Simulation Technologies team to assist with development of our GastroPlus™, DDDPlus™, and/or MembranePlus™ software tools.

The responsibilities include:

  • Conducting literature searches for data and methods related to the assigned scientific area
  • Constructing and validating relevant mechanistic mathematical models (e.g., physiology-based descriptions of compound distribution in different regions of the body, descriptions of compound- and formulation-dependent dissolution, and descriptions of compound interactions with tissue samples and isolated cells). 
  • Constructing and validating models for translation of in vitro data into meaningful in vivo predictions based on underlying processes.
  • Discuss software application issues with clients and others on telephone, email, Internet meetings, and/or in person.
  • Travel to professional conferences as an attendee and/or an exhibitor. 
  • Make formal presentations at professional conferences. 
  • Visit customer sites to provide training and consultation.


M.S. or Ph.D. degree or equivalent in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, or related discipline.

Demonstrated at least one-year full-time programming experience in C++.

Demonstrated modeling experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • physiologically based modeling of compound distribution in human and/or animals
  • in vitro dissolution, formulation design and IVIVC
  • in vitro cell culture assays, evaluation of compound metabolism or interactions with transporters

Excellent English written and oral communication skills

Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to quickly learn new technologies and scientific principles in the above-outlined areas of interest

Ability to multitask and meet assigned deadlines

Location: Los Angeles Area (Position in Lancaster, CA)

Salary/Benefits: DOE. Competitive pay and generous benefits package with a highly successful and financially stable public company founded in 1996.

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