Cloud-based pharmacometric communication

Bringing your user experience to a new level through efficient, decisive model building and co-worker collaboration

KIWI 1.5 continues to bring user experience to a new level through efficient, decisive management of your population PK modeling projects and co-worker collaboration.


Visualize diagnostic plots and parameters for all candidate models in one view.

Formats / Labels

Fully customized formatting and labeling within KIWI.

Cross Project and Co-Worker Graphical Profiles
kiwi multi visualize gof

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Share your share suite of customized diagnostic plots with your co-worker or use them on your next project.

Speed and agility is more important than ever as the demand for M&S increases. KIWI 1.5 allows you to easily select and compare parameters estimates and diagnostic plots across multiple candidate models in one view to make decisions quickly and confidently, and delivers high quality graphs to inform team decision making and put in regulatory documents – all formatted, all validated!

Often there are multiple candidate models to review in order to select the one final model or the model that will direct you in a different path of model building. Evaluating the diagnostic plots and parameter and variance estimates is critical in decision making, but it is often confusing opening different graphs at one time by cutting and pasting into a word document or powerpoint presentation.


Unique to KIWI
KIWI multi visualize delta

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In KIWI, all the plots appear side by side in one view, and with a click of a button the parameter and variance estimates for the same models appear. The models can be easily switched up on the fly. Your teams will love being able to more easily distinguish between models by reviewing graphs and parameter estimates simultaneously and having engaging discussions where decisions are made!

KIWI 1.5 has customized format and label collections that can be used throughout a project or across different projects.  This provides the modeler more control over the appearance of their graphs and tables. And these high quality graphs can be downloaded individually or as a group for direct import into a presentation or regulatory document. All formatted, all validated.  Significantly reduces your time spent in preparing presentations and regulatory documents.

Profiles, unique to KIWI, is a user interface to generate customized diagnostic, VPC, or bootstrap graphs with the ability to stratify by covariate, dose groups, etc.. A modeler can create as many profiles as desired. The Profiles can now be easily shared across projects for a single user or shared with co-workers, saving considerable time.

Just what you would expect from a fully integrated population PK/PD model management and communication platform.

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