C++ Programmer

C++ Programmer – Software Engineer – Computer Scientist at DILIsym Services Inc. Focused on Developing and Supporting Simulation Platforms for Drug Toxicity and Efficacy

Outstanding candidates are sought for a C++ programmer to work with an elite team of engineers and scientist developing commercial simulation and modeling software for pharmaceutical and medical research at DILIsym Services Inc., a Simulations Plus Company (www.DILIsym.com; www.simulations-plus.com; NASDAQ:SLP), located in Research Triangle Park, NC. You will be working to develop and enhance compute engines and user interfaces of various state-of-the-art simulation and modeling software products. Our staff of scientists is world renowned for best-in-class software and scientific expertise.


  • Exceptionally strong C++ required
  • BS/MSc degree in computer science, software engineering, or equivalent required
  • Minimum three years full-time c-programming experience in a commercial software environment
  • Strong computer science/software engineering background including:
    • Object-oriented design, data structures, systems and applications programming
    • Database and GUI development
    • Tools and techniques for software quality assurance
  • Windows development experience
  • Passion for design, problem solving, AND hands-on development
  • Excellent English, written and oral communication and interpersonal skills


  • Experience with MATLAB software
  • Scientific programming, such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, engineering, physics, or other physical science
  • Strong math background
  • Parallel processing
  • Numerical integration and nonlinear optimization

The exceptional candidate will bring the latest and best in software engineering, including algorithms and architectures, design patterns, and best practices for software quality assurance.