Modeling and Simulation Scientist

Modeling and Simulation Scientist at DILIsym Services Inc. Focused on Developing and Using Simulation Platforms for Drug Toxicity and Efficacy

Outstanding candidates are sought for a Scientist position at DILIsym Services Inc., a Simulations Plus Company (NASDAQ:SLP), located in Research Triangle Park, NC.  Various levels of experience will be considered for the possible roles of Scientist I, Scientist II, Senior Scientist or Principal Scientist.  The successful applicant will be part of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, biochemists, toxicologists, and physicians working on the development and application of the DILIsym® and/or NAFLDsym® software platforms, computational models focused on liver function in human patients, rodents, and dogs.  DILIsym focuses on drug-induced liver injury (DILI) while NAFLDsym focuses on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  Specifically, the successful candidate will be tasked with software development projects commissioned by the DILI-sim Initiative members ( or arising from NAFLDsym use cases, as well as application projects that involve utilizing DILIsym and NAFLDsym to solve important problems related to drug efficacy and toxicity within the pharmaceutical industry.  The role will require a combination of technical and project management work, and will include components such as systems pharmacology modeling, software code development and maintenance in MATLAB®, report and manuscript preparation, presentations to DILI-sim members and sponsors of proprietary work, and training others on the use of DILIsym and NAFLDsym.

Qualifications and Experience

Ideal candidates will have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, or other life science areas with 5-20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical or CRO space, or a M.S. or equivalent degree with 7-20+ years of experience.  They will be proficient in mathematics, have a general knowledge of biology, biochemistry, lipid biochemistry, immunology, and/or toxicology, and have experience with software such as MATLAB.  They will have experience in the areas of PK modeling, PKPD modeling, and systems pharmacology modeling.  They will also have experience with appropriate software platforms in each of these areas (e.g. MATLAB, GastroPlus™, C++ programming).  Finally, they will have an extensive knowledge of the drug development process and how to apply modeling and simulation to the process for maximum impact.

Qualified candidates need to submit their resume as a PDF document to Bud Nelson at