R Data Programmer

Position Summary:

Cognigen is seeking an experienced R programmer to provide internal and external project teams with innovative and high-quality data management and analytical solutions. The successful candidate will independently develop programming solutions that use advanced coding techniques while working with complex data sources. They will perform a wide range of activities that include: creates complex datasets; produces standard and customized summary tables and graphical displays; recommends areas for standardization and automation; develops standardized programs to automate routine tasks; writes complex dataset requirements ensuring consistency for multiple analyses within a project; performs code reviews requiring advanced programming skills. Collaborates closely and communicates clearly with project team members; discusses problems with clients; serves as a technical resource and mentor for coworkers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides programming support to meet project objectives.

    • Works with different data types; manipulates data to control dataset input and output; understands how to analyze and troubleshoot data sources.
    • Combines datasets; summarizes data; processes data iteratively.
    • Performs data manipulations and transformations.
    • Performs code reviews; offers advice regarding where to expand upon documentation and where and when to improve programming efficiency.
    • Provides expert advice on how to display data in graph format; provides time estimates on different approaches.
    • Discusses data problems with external clients; maintains good client relationships.

Understands and applies advanced, complex, and efficient programming.

    • Makes recommendations for standardization and automation.
    • Develops standardized programs to automate reports and graphs.
    • Writes complex scripts that are portable, increase productivity, and are efficient; creates packages of helpful utilities.
    • Understands scripts and other utilities in order to troubleshoot output generated from these scripts and other utilities.
    • Reviews exploratory data analyses; considers implications of findings on dataset creation process and appropriateness of requirements.

Acts as data management lead.

    • Ensures appropriate level of communication with internal team members.
    • Delegates work; ensures work is consistent across programmers; understands client needs and project-specific standards.
    • Teaches programming standards; reviews work of other programmers.


  • Extensive experience in R programming, manipulating data, and generating data displays.
  • Proficiency with base R, tidyverse, or data.table, ggplot2.
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Highly self-motivated and willing to take on challenges
  • Possesses strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills