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November 8 - November 12

American Conference of Pharmacometrics

November 8-12th, 2021

Posters to be presented:
Title: Validation of non-compartmental analysis (NCA) and bioequivalence results of PKanalix over more than 180 datasets covering several thousands PK profiles
Authors: Blaise Pasquiers (1), Monika Twarogowska (2), Geraldine Ayral (2)
Institution: (1) Phinc Development, Massy, France; (2) Lixoft, Antony, France

Title: A library of parent-metabolite models for the MonolixSuite
Authors: Monika Twarogowska (1), Geraldine Ayral (1)
Institution: (1) Lixoft, Antony, France

Title: Optimizing the sample size of a bridging study using Simulx, an application of the MonolixSuite
Authors: Pauline Traynard (1), Claude Magnard (1), Monika Twarogowska (1), Geraldine Ayral (1)
Institution: (1) Lixoft, Antony, France

Presenting: Scott. Q. Siler
Title: Suppressing TGF-b activation to reduce lung fibrosis: In search for an efficacious dose regimen for alpha V integrin inhibitors
Authors: Sergey Ermakov, Grant Generaux, Fulya Akpinar Singh, Ankit Chandra, Scott Q. Siler
Institution: DILIsym Services

Presenting: Zackary R. Kenz
Title: CARDIOsym QSP model prediction of wound healing response following myocardial infarction
Authors: Zackary R. Kenz, Christina Battista, Lisl K.M. Shoda, Yeshitila Gebremichael, Scott Q. Siler, Lyn Powell, Limei Cheng
Institution: DILIsym Services



November 8
November 12

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