Robert Clark

Robert Clark

Robert D. Clark, Ph.D.
Emeritus Fellow
Simulations Plus, Inc.

About Robert
Dr. Robert Clark got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ohio University, where he first met Karen Webster, his wife of 40 years. His PhD in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology is from Cornell University. Post-doctoral work on plant bioenergetics at Brookhaven National Laboratory served as a bridge to his many subsequent years of industrial experience, including long stints at Monsanto Agricultural Company and at Tripos, Inc. His time at Monsanto included studying the physiology of herbicides as well as synthesizing them. He did extensive research and programming in 3D QSAR and docking during his stay at Tripos. While there he also invented OptiSim and superintended development of the GALAHAD program. More details of his professional life can be found on his personal web page and on Research Gate.

Bob joined Simulations Plus as Director of Life Sciences at the beginning of 2010 and became a Sr. Research Fellow in November 2017. During the interim, he oversaw the consolidation of MedChem Designer and ADMET Predictor into a unified cheminformatics product and helped develop the uncertainty estimation technology now available in ADMET Modeler. Hiking, painting, collecting coins, and bicycling occupy him in his spare time, but between research, writing and learning to be a grandparent, he doesn’t have a lot of that. A full list of his nearly 40 years of publications can be found on Google Scholar.

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