GastroPlus® Additional Dosage Routes Workshop – Oral Cavity Administration (OCCAT™) (Virtual)
  • 7:30 am – 10:30 am PDT
  • Online
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This workshop will focus on oral cavity administration of compounds where the oral cavity (mouth) is represented as a collection of compartments. Using this module you will learn how to simulate a variety of oral cavity dosage routes including one or more of the following: sublingual solutions and tablets, lingual sprays, sublingual tablets, and/or controlled release buccal patches.

Training sessions will be conducted through the Simulations Plus Training Portal, Zoom meetings, and a virtual desktop with GastroPlus software and modules pre-loaded. Participants will attend virtually. View the course flyer for more information about this workshop by clicking the Learn More + Register button above. Please register by Wednesday, March 1st.