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Developing molecules intended to treat interstitial lung disease (ILD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a daunting challenge. It’s no easy task to predict localized drug exposure in the lungs (PBPK/PCAT™), identify applicable pharmacodynamic (PD) endpoints, and determine the efficacious levels of exposure through quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP).

Streamline this process with our integrated pulmonary software and services package, which allows you to seamlessly advance your asset from lead optimization to confidence in efficacy.

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Utilize Targeted Software

Whether you’re focused on therapies for ILD or IPF, this package provides modeling and simulation software tailored to your needs. We’ll start by using GastroPlus® to predict localized exposure in the lungs, then leverage that localized exposure data to inform the ILDsym™ or IPFsym® platforms for efficacy predictions.

Hiring and retaining skilled modelers is difficult, which is why many companies develop talent from within. As part of our Pulmonary Package, your team benefits from a customized learning package using the tools in your program, implemented with support and guidance from our experts.



This will equip your existing team with the software and training to perform additional simulations outside of typical consulting service agreements, such as…

  • FIH predictions
  • Pediatric predictions
  • Disease state simulations
  • Formulation variant optimizations
  • Bioequivalence simulations
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Food effect predictions
  • Testing the drug in virtual (diseased or healthy) populations
  • and much more!
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