03. Training
Discover Simulation Training

While the Pro-ficiency Performance Management platform can adopt any training, simulation is the key to maximizing learner comprehension and leader insights. Simulation training engages participants in visual representations of complex scenarios to glean behavior-based metrics. Participants are immersed in an engaging situational online experience where they are presented with a scenario and asked to make a decision in a risk-free simulated environment. Learners practice, driving better comprehension and retention of essential information while participants are providing data based more closely on actual real-life scenarios.

Tracking, Analysis and Reporting That Helps You Succeed

Not only is our simulation experience the most performance-focused training on the market, we track each decision point made during a simulation experience, presenting results in actionable performance and compliance reports. The reports provide invaluable insights that can help your team identify potential problems before they affect your project or study timelines and budgets. Results you can’t get from a slide deck and lecture!

04. Experts
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