The University+ program offers one-year access to Simulations Plus software to students and educators at accredited universities worldwide, renewable if eligibility conditions are met. Our goal is to increase modeling and simulation (M&S) learning and education that will promote the next generation of scientists and set them up today for success tomorrow. Certain restrictions may apply. General terms and conditions, along with the simple and straightforward application forms, can be found below.

Cloud-based (GastroPlus, ADMET Predictor, etc.) Application Form
MonolixSuite Application Form


Training and Workshops

Simulations Plus hosts a variety of learning opportunities to help further your modeling and simulation research. Hands-on workshops are held around the world to ensure in-person learning opportunities near you. For those that prefer distance learning, we hold no-cost online webinars on various topics throughout the year. We’re happy to provide these educational resources in order for you to get the most out of our software.

User Support

We’ve been a staunch supporter of academic research training and collaborations for over two decades! There are many resources available – free videos, webinars, and open-source publications – highlighting best practices, case studies, and step-by-step tutorials. Check them out below to see how peers, future colleagues from industry, and regulatory agencies are applying our tools today.

Webinars from our Academic Partners

Utilized by Educators Worldwide

By providing accredited university professors with free access to the Simulations Plus portfolio of software, we will be able to drive M&S learning and understanding prior to entering the workforce.

Preparing for the Future

Opportunities to apply model informed drug development (MIDD) skills and methods with Simulations Plus


Internship+ Program:

Poised at the cutting edge of mechanistic modeling & simulation research with a selected team of highly motivated and creative talent. Our company’s growth potential is tremendous, and we can provide you with a unique opportunity to expand your professional horizons and develop your skills. Prepare yourself for a career in modeling & simulation science by gaining hands-on experience with our industry-leading software tools under the guidance of experts! Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • build and review mechanistic models under the guidance of assigned mentor(s)
  • research, compile, and document data from various sources
  • assist in the testing of software products
  • contribute to proposals, reports, manuscripts and/or white papers to clearly describe innovative model development and mechanisms

The Internship+ program offers paid, 3-month remote opportunities on a year-round basis. Interested? Apply today through our Career Center.