Application of the DILIsym® QST drug-induced liver injury model to evaluate the carcinogenic hazard potential of acetaminophen

Authors: Howell B
Conference: SLP MIDD+
Software: DILIsym®
Division: DILIsym Services

Brett Howell, Divisional President, presents an overview of DILIsym® software, Acetaminophen risk assessment, and observations in his presentation titled, “Application of the DILIsym® QST drug-induced liver injury software to evaluate the carcinogenic hazard potential of acetaminophen.”

Topics covered:

  • Applications of DILIsym along the drug development pipeline
  • DILIsym validation submitted: Fit for Purpose focus
  • Examination of dose-response of APAP
  • and more!

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Presented at SLP MIDD+ Virtual Conference March 3-4, 2021