In Silico Modeling Approaches Coupled with In Vitro Characterization in Predicting In Vivo Performance of Drug Delivery System Formulations

Authors: Kambayashi A
Publication: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Software: GastroPlus®


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Optimization of the in vivo performance of dosage forms in humans is essential in developing not only conventional formulations but also drug delivery system (DDS) formulations. Although animal experiments are still useful for these formulations, in silico approaches have become increasingly important for DDS formulations with regard to species-specific differences in physiology that can affect the in vivo performance of dosage forms between animals and humans. Furthermore, it is also important to couple in vitro characterizations with in silico models to predict in vivo performance in humans precisely. In this review article, I summarized in vitro–in silico approaches to predicting the in vivo performance of oral DDS formulations (amorphous solid dispersions, lipid-based formulations, nanosized formulations, cyclodextrins-based formulations, sustained release products, enteric coat products, and orally disintegrating tablets) and parenteral DDS formulations (cyclodextrins-based formulations, liposomes, and inhaled formulations).

By Atsushi Kambayashi