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What FaSSIF/FeSSIF version (FaSSIF-V1/V2/V3, FeSSIF-V1/V2) do you use to fit the Solubilization Ratio to your in vitro data?

There are limited ways of adding precipitation kinetics data into Gastroplus. Can someone suggest me how can I customize my precipitation data that complies with CNT as an input into Gastroplus?

Batch Input of Cp-time Data a Possibility?

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New peer-reviewed journal publications citing various applications of GastroPlus software.

State-of-the-Art Review on Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Pediatric Drug Development.

Characterization of solution stress degradation products of aliskiren and prediction of their physicochemical and ADMET properties.

A Preclinical Bioavailability Strategy for Decisions on Clinical Drug Formulation Development: an In Depth Analysis.

Does GastroPlus Support Similarity and Dissimilarity Factors of in vitro-in vivo Prediction in Biowaiver Studies? A Lower Strength Amlodipine As a Model Drug.

Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Lead Optimization I: Evaluation and Adaptation of GastroPlus to Predict Bioavailability of Medchem Series.

Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Lead Optimization II: “Rational Bioavailability Design” by Global Sensitivity Analysis to Identify Properties Affecting Bioavailability.