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MembranePlus™ v2 webinar: Stimulate your kinetic understanding…

Use of oral absorption modelling to characterize drug release and absorption of a BCS II compound from IR formulations

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Using GastroPlus™ Modeling to Eliminate Bridging Clinical Studies for Late

6.9.16 - This webinar will focus on 2 case studies from scientists from Roche and Janssen describing the use of GastroPlus PBPK modeling to eliminate bridging clinical studies.

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ADMET Predictor – Your user experience redefined…

4.20.16 - The user interface in ADMET Predictor was completely rewritten for version 8. In this webinar, we demonstrate the new tools available in ADMET Predictor 8 using examples from various data sets, e.g., BACE1 inhibitors.

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Reimagine the In Vitro Dissolution Experiment with DDDPlus™ 5.0…

3.31.16 - In this webinar, we present the many improvements made in the new DDDPlus 5.0. gastroplus


Unified dissolution / precipitation model and its use predicting absorption

3.3.16 - This webinar will focus on the description of a novel mechanistic mathematical model developed to describe in vitro dissolution and precipitation data and how the model can be used in a wider PBPK framework to explain complex absorption profiles for weak bases. gastroplus dddplus

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Application of Cellular Permeability Simulation and PBPK Models to Capture

12.10.15 - In this GastroPlus™ User Group webinar, we will discuss the validation of passive permeability estimates in MembranePlus™ based on molecular structure alone for a library of diverse compounds and how it compares to Kubinyi's drug partitioning theory. membraneplus gastroplus

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Applications of customized GastroPlus™ models

10.15.15. - This GastroPlus™ User Group video explores how the ACAT model, with customized refinement of the model parameters or design of the model structure, can provide valuable insights to address various aspects of challenges in biopharmaceutics, including PBPK modeling-based in vitro-in vivo correlations. gastroplus

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Analyzing the structural sensitivity of QSAR models using matched molecular

9.30.15 - This video explores analyzing the structural sensitivity of QSAR models using matched molecular pairs using MedChem Studio™. admet predictor medchem studio

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Applications and considerations of drug exposure predictions in pediatric

6.22.15 - This GastroPlus™ User Group webinar will focus on special considerations when performing pediatric PBPK modeling in GastroPlus™. gastroplus

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What’s New in ADMET Predictor™ 7.2?

6.10.15 - Two new models, fraction unbound to liver microsomes and unbound human liver microsomal intrinsic clearance, were added to ADMET Predictor 7.2. The CYP kinetic parameter models were also re-built. Incorporation of these models into GastroPlus is also discussed. Finally, the set up for our KNIME workflow is demonstrated. admet predictor

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What’s New In GastroPlus™ 9.0?

5.6.15 - This informative webinar covers the new features in the latest version of GastroPlus™ 9.0. gastroplus

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