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MembranePlus™ v2 webinar: Stimulate your kinetic understanding…

Use of oral absorption modelling to characterize drug release and absorption of a BCS II compound from IR formulations

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Analysis of the Tox21 10k Library with In Silico QSAR Models for Xenobiotic Metabolism and Toxicity

9.17.14 - In this webinar Dr. Stephen Ferguson of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences discusses in silico approaches to predict human xenobiotic metabolism and their potential for human toxicity. These methods were applied to the U.S. Tox21 Phase II 10k library. admet predictor

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What’s New in GastroPlus™ 8.6?

9.4.14 - Learn about the new features in GastroPlus 8.6, how to build custom PBPK models for different disease states, and see a teaser of what's coming in version 9.0. gastroplus

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Identifying Structural Criteria for Potency using MedChem Studio™

8.21.14 - This video shows how MedChem Studio™ can be used to analyze percent inhibition data from a high-throughput screening experiment in order to identify candidates for further optimization. medchem studio

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Cognigen Acquisition

7.25.14 - This webinar is presented to provide details and answer questions concerning Simulations Plus' acquisition of Cognigen Corporation. kiwi

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In silico design, synthesis, & testing of Cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors

6.24.14 - Following the success of our earlier NCE project, which focused on the design of antimalarial molecules, we sought to utilize our ADMET Design Suite™ to design novel compounds that inhibit both forms of the COX enzyme to some extent but still favor COX-2. admet predictor medchem studio gastroplus

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GastroPlus™ Modeling Common Ion Effects and Enabled Formulations

6.19.14 - Predictive mechanistic simulation of gastric dissolution and in vivo supersaturation and precipitation during oral absorption, using experimental parameters derived from in vitro measurements. gastroplus

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QbD and Biopharmaceutics – Use of Absorption Modeling

3.5.14 - An informative online webinar that discusses the application of absorption modeling as a biopharmaceutics risk assessment tool to facilitate Quality by Design (QbD) arguments during formulation development. gastroplus

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ADMET Predictor™ 7.0 Release

1.22.14 - Learn about all the new features in ADMET Predictor 7.0 and how they can help you. admet predictor

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Bayer pKa Collaboration Webinar

10.9.13 - In this webinar, we present a new in silico multiprotic pKa prediction tool with upgraded functionality, improved prediction accuracy and significantly expanded applicability domain. admet predictor

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In vivo Dissolution and Precipitation

9.12.13 - This webinar, hosted by the GastroPlus User Group, focuses on the simulation of in vivo dissolution and precipitation based on in vitro experimental data using GastroPlus, with the goal to provide better predictive oral absorption kinetics. dddplus gastroplus

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