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MembranePlus™ v2 webinar: Stimulate your kinetic understanding…

Use of oral absorption modelling to characterize drug release and absorption of a BCS II compound from IR formulations

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What’s New in GastroPlus™ 8.5?

9.9.13 - This webinar walks you through the new features and enhancements in GastroPlus version 8.5. Among the topics that will be covered: - new mechanistic model for in vivo precipitation kinetics - novel method for transporter-based IVIVE - infant PBPK models - CYP, UGT, and sulfotransferase enzyme expression levels in various tissues - and more! gastroplus

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Lead hopping and de novo design webinar

8.21.13 - This webinar discusses details of lead hopping and de novo design with MedChem Studio™, and demonstrates the software's ability to generate new virtual structures quickly and easily. admet predictor medchem studio

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Physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties

6.28.13 - This webinar describes our modeling methodology and highlights the performance of key models. Special attention is devoted to our novel method of predicting macroscopic pKa, and our "Absorption Risk" Score. admet predictor

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In Silico Metabolism Webinar

4.4.13 - The Metabolism Module in ADMET Predictor™ contains in silico models that classify compounds as substrates and/or inhibitors of the major CYP isoforms, while also predicting likely sites of metabolism and kinetic parameters (Km, Vmax, and intrinsic clearance). Classification models for phase II glucuronidation by UDP-glucuronosyltransferase are also included. This webinar describes the development of these models and how they can be applied to predict the disposition of drug candidates and assist with the lead optimization process. admet predictor

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Matched Molecular Pairs Webinar

3.20.13 - This webinar describes algorithms for the rapid and automatic extraction of Matched Molecular Pairs (MMPs) from large chemical data sets and for converting these pairs into structural transformation rules that can be used to improve potency and ADMET properties during lead optimization. admet predictor medchem studio

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Toxicity Webinar

12.6.12 - Simulations Plus offers a rapidly growing array of accurate predictive models in ADMET Predictor™, focused on toxicity endpoints deemed important by regulatory agencies. In this webinar, learn how our software can be utilized to assist with internal research and meet the in silico testing paradigm established by regulatory groups. admet predictor

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ADMET Design Suite™ Webinar

10.24.12 - This webinar provides an introduction to an in silico lead optimization process that begins with high throughput screening data via class generation, R-group analysis, scaffold hopping, activity cliff detection, QSAR/QSPR model generation, property visualization (2D & 3D), and prediction of important ADMET risks - including sites and rates of CYP metabolism and potential toxicities. admet predictor medchem studio

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Malaria Project Webinar

5.3.12 - This webinar by Dr. Robert Clark describes the in silico design, synthesis, and biological testing of novel antimalarial drug candidates generated by analysis of public HTS data. admet predictor medchem studio gastroplus

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