Case Study

Confirming Model Optimization: OBESITYsym Predicts the Efficacy and Tolerability of Top Three Weight Loss Drugs


OBESITYsym, a quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) model, was developed to help clients predict the efficacy of a weight loss therapy as well as its likelihood to cause nausea, one of the most commonly cited side effects of existing weight loss drugs.

3 Drugs
used in model optimization
potential patients worldwide

Although the model had accurately predicted weight loss and nausea in other applications, it had not been used to simulate patient populations treated specifically for obesity.


In the case of each drug, there was excellent agreement between OBESITYsym predictions and the clinical data for weight loss and nausea. Researchers confirmed that the model was properly optimized to existing weight loss drugs and the model was capable of accurate, reliable predictions.

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