Jill Fiedler-Kelly awarded with ISoP Fellowship for her professional excellence and superior impact in pharmacometrics, and for substantial volunteering work for ISoP on October, 2016. Learn More

Simulations Plus released version 1.0 of PKPlus™, its next-generation software for analysis of preclinical and clinical trial data. Learn More

Lixoft released version 1.0 of Simulx, an easy, efficient and flexible application for clinical trail simulations, on December 2014. Learn More

Simulations Plus announced that it has expanded its product portfolio with the release of version 1.0 of its MembranePlus™ simulation software on October 2014. Learn More

Cognigen became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simulations Plus on September 2014. Learn More

Joel S. Owen and Jill Fiedler-Kelly published a textbook on “Introduction to Population Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic Analysis with Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models” on July 2014. Read More

Dr. Grasela was awarded the Gary Neil Prize for Innovation in Drug Development from the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics(ASCPT). Learn More

DILIsym® Version 1A was released on January 2012. Learn More

Monolix® Version 1.0 was released on October 2011. Learn More

Simulations Plus has been named to the ninth annual Fortune Small Business FSB 100 list of the fastest-growing small public companies in America. Learn More

Simulations Plus released version 1.0 of DDDPlus™, a simulation of in vitro dissolution experiments for formulation scientists in the pharmaceutical industry on February 2005. Learn More

In 1999, Simulations Plus listed on the NASDAQ (American Stock Exchange) under the symbol SLP.

Simulations Plus released version 1.0 of ADMET Predictor™, formerly known as QMPRPlus™ on January 2005. Learn More

Simulations Plus releases its flagship PBPK modeling and simulation, GastroPlus®, in July 1998. Learn More

Simulations Plus incorporated in Lancaster, California in July 1996.