4th Asian Pharmacometrics Network Symposium
  • - Past
  • Malaysia

The theme for the 4th APN symposium 2022 is “Application of Pharmacometrics in Drug Development and Clinical Practice”.

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Development of population pharmacokinetic models with Monolix™
Monday, November 7th at 2:30-5:30 pm Malaysian Time

  • Theoretical recap on the population approach
  • Data formatting and data visualization
  • Setup of a Monolix run (data definition, structural model, statistical model)
  • Estimation tasks and model diagnostic with the plots and statistical tests
  • Stepwise development of the structural model (using the model libraries)
  • Stepwise development of the statistical model, including covariate search
  • Presentation of the hands-on exercise

Development of population PKPD models with Monolix and simulation of a new scenarios in Simulx™
Tuesday, November 8th at 2:30-5:30 pm Malaysian Time

  • Presentation of the hands-on solution
  • Mlxtran language for custom model writing
  • PKPD model development strategies (sequential, joint)
  • Export of a Monolix run to Simulx
  • Definition of the simulation of new scenarios, in particular new dosing regimens
  • Post-processing of simulation results
  • Presentation of the hands-on exercise