AASLD The Liver Meeting
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  • Washington, DC & online

Washington, DC

The Liver Meeting brings together clinicians, associates, and scientists from around the world to exchange information on the latest research, discuss new developments in liver treatment and transplantation, and network with leading experts in the field of hepatology.

Meet with Chief Science Officer Scott Q. Siler and Scientist II Vinal Lakhani at booth #619. 

Can’t miss Presentations:

Title: Attenuation in adipose adiponection production over time restrict predicted efficacy for pegbelfermin in F3 NASH patients
Presented by: Scientist II, Vinal Lakhani, Ph.D.
Description: See how we used NAFLDsym to recapitulate the Pegbelfermin Phase 2B clinical study. In silico simulations help us better understand how & why Pegbelfermin efficacy loses durability over time.

Poster# 2510

Title: Greater efficacy predicted for FGFR1/beta-klotho receptor agonists that achieve 60% or greater increases in serum adiponection
Presented by: Chief Science Officer, Scott Q. Siler, Ph.D.
Description: See how NAFLDsym was used to survey multiple compounds developed to treat NAFLD by acting on the FGF21 Receptor. Compounds with greater treatment-induced adiponectin production lead to greater benefits for NASH patients.

Poster # 2518

Title: Reduction of Daily Moderate Alcohol Intake Predicted to Decrease Fibrosis Stage in Patients with NASH
Presented by: Chief Science Officer, Scott Q. Siler, Ph.D.
Description:  See how NAFLDsym was used to study the impact of moderate alcohol consumption on NASH patients.

Poster # 2519