AI for Pharmacological Modeling
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Pharmacological modeling plays a key role in drug development by guiding decisions on dosing to optimize safety and efficacy and ultimately streamlining the path to successful therapeutic interventions. However, this is challenging due to numerous roadblocks, including: patient variability, data noise, concomitant medications, nonlinear disease processes, and the presence of confounders.

The growth in data volume, as well as the rapid advancements in machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (genAI) algorithms, have opened new horizons in pharmacological modeling. Our webinar presenter, Dr. James Lu, Distinguished AI Scientist at Genentech, proposes that human and machine intelligence can be brought together at three distinct levels, providing the ability to save time, predict better, and push the boundaries of what is currently possible to model. During the webinar, he will demonstrate diverse applications in several therapeutic areas, highlighting impacts on addressing both safety and efficacy.

Presenter: Dr. James Lu, Distinguished AI Scientist in Modeling & Simulation/Clinical Pharmacology, Genentech
Moderator: Dr. Tom Sun, Vice President, Strategic Consulting Services, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics Solutions, Simulations Plus