APS Physiologically Based Biopharmaceutics Modelling Conference 2024
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Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) Physiologically Based Biopharmaceutics Modelling Conference 2024: “PBBM – Best Scientific Practices to Define Drug Product Performance: Latest Regulatory and Industry Perspectives”

This two-day workshop at the MHRA offices in London is intended to follow on from the M-CERSI meeting and provide further opportunity to review and discuss scientific practices for defining formulation performance in a PBBM and to share progress since the M-CERSI meeting with development of a common template for PBBM regulatory submission. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to learn more around the implementation of PBBM for product development, contribute to the discussions on hot topics for PBBM and influence the future pathway for regulatory use.

Can’t Miss Presentation

Introduction to PBPK/PBBM and recent regulatory science meetings
Presenter: Xavier Pepin, Associate Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Date: Thursday, June 20th
Time: 9:30-10:00 am BST

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