Introduction to Mechanistic Absorption Modeling (Bundle)
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This learning path includes three introductory courses using GastroPlus version 9.9 or earlier.

Courses included in this learning path:

GP101-1OD | Introduction to GastroPlus

This session provides a general overview of the GastroPlus v9.9 software including main features, introduction to the user interface, and how to run basic simulations.

GP101-2OD | Solubility, Dissolution, and Precipitation

This session will cover general concepts of solubility, dissolution, and precipitation concepts and how they are implemented in GastroPlus. Discover the impact of pH on solubility and the bile salt effect in our solubility section. Then, in dissolution dive into the dissolution models and effect of particle size on distribution. Finally, in the precipitation section you will learn about the model options available in GastroPlus, take a look at the DDDPlus™ module and talk about dual solubility.

GP101-3OD | Permeability and Absorption.

By the end of this session, you will have a general understanding of the principles of permeability, absorption and mechanistic absorption modeling using GastroPlus ACAT™ model. Learn about Peff, Papp and how to get the Peff from the Papp. Explore passive transport, absorption scale factors, and paracellular permeability.

All sessions include hands-on examples in the software. If you need access to GastroPlus for this workshop, please reach out to

If you have already purchased our full 10-session Introduction to GastroPlus on demand, then you already have access to all 3 of these sessions.

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Presenters: Georgy Hartman, Suvarchala Avvari, and Jeffry Adiwidjaja