Meet the Experts: Transporters & ADME 2024 Conference
  • - Past
  • All Day
  • Budapest, Hungary

Join the leading Transporter and ADME thought leadership event and immerse yourself in the latest trends that are shaping the industry. The Meet the Experts (MEEX) symposium will again gather leading experts to provide content on topics effecting the industry, deliver insights and resources, and share knowledge to enable and accelerate drug research and development. 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the SOLVO Meet the Experts (MEEX) symposia in the beautiful and historic city of Budapest.

The highlights of the program include:

  •   The newest applications in PBPK modelling
  •   Strategies for reliable in vitro – in vivo extrapolation of ADME processes
  •   Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) considerations for new drug modalities
  •   Applications of complex and 3D in vitro models for ADME studies

Learn from industry experts, cultivate new collaborations, and exchange groundbreaking ideas.

Can’t Miss Presentation

Title: Session 3 Advances in PBPK modelling
Presenter: Priyata Kalra, Senior Scientist
Date/Time: Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 3:35 pm-5:05 pm CET
Location: The Continental Hotel Budapest

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