Pharmacometrics Spring School: Modeling and Simulation with MonolixSuite™
  • - Past
  • 9:00 AM or 5:00 PM CET (Paris Time)
  • Online

The 2024 Pharmacometrics Spring School: Modeling and Simulation with MonolixSuite™ will focus on PK and PKPD population modeling using Monolix and simulations of new scenarios using Simulx.

It is for:

  • Beginner users who will learn how to start using MonolixSuite on their own data,
  • Intermediate users who will gain confidence with MonolixSuite and learn how to make modeling more exciting and efficient

The course offers a free temporary license for all MonolixSuite applications and immediate help from us during the live session with the Q&A chat.

This course is accessible worldwide thanks to two identical live sessions per day, and the session recordings. So regardless of your experience, location, or schedule, you can make the most of this opportunity to learn modeling and simulations in MonolixSuite.

What you’ll learn:

  • Dataset structure and visualization.
  • PK Model development including model selection, diagnosis, and comparison.
  • PKPD modeling using sequential, intermediate, and joint approaches.
  • Mlxtran language to write custom models and more complex parameter-covariate relationships.
  • Exposure-response modeling strategies.
  • Simulations of new scenarios including clinical trials.

All in five sessions over a week-long course (March 25th-29th) with:

  • Online live 1.5h lecture each day by a MonolixSuite expert.
  • Two identical sessions per day – choose the option suitable for your time zone: 9:00 AM or 5:00 PM CET Paris Time.
  • Q&A chat during each live session with MonolixSuite experts.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • Presentation materials, datasets, Monolix projects, and video recordings.
  • Certificate of course completion

This is a FREE and completely ONLINE event, learn more here!