Weight Loss Without Nausea: How QSP Modeling Can Optimize Obesity Treatments
  • Past
  • 8:00 am PDT
  • Online

Ozempic and Wegovy have been in the news for months as the first highly effective weight loss drugs on the market. However, a noted side effect—nausea—can make it difficult for patients to adhere to proper use.

One of the challenging aspects of developing most potential obesity treatments is defining a therapeutic window and dosing strategy that maximizes weight loss while minimizing nausea. Luckily, OBESITYsym is now available to help researchers develop effective treatments with patients with obesity while avoiding nausea as a side effect.

In this webinar, Chief Science Officer Scott Q. Siler, Principal Scientist Zackary Kenz, and Scientist II Celeste Vallejo will show you how this new QSP model can…

• Predict optimal dosing strategies
• Predict weight loss
• Predict nausea based on specific compound characteristics
• Compare novel compound performance against semaglutide, tirzepatide and liraglutide

Scott will also showcase Simulations Plus’ proprietary QSP modeling software, Thales, and explain the design rationale that guided development of the OBESITYsym model.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A, so come prepared.

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