Reduced footprint of US-based facilities by 35% from 19,300 sf to 12,400 sf.​

Established a process to gather GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions data and set targets for future SEC disclosure requirements.​

Reduced travel for in-person training as well as printed materials, by implementing a learning management system for online on-demand programs, and Adobe e-signature for digital materials.


Updated company privacy policy and process to reflect best practices and changes to global personal data protection laws.

Developed and published our Human Rights Policy.

Expanded University+ program to 307 free software licenses across 51 countries to further education in our industry and support the next generation of scientists.​

Human Capital

Established a paid parental leave program to support working parents.​

Implemented employee engagement & recognition software to further promote and foster a culture of appreciation and inclusion.​

Conducted employee engagement survey to ensure culture alignment and success of internal programs and benefits.​

Business Governance

Engaged a third-party consulting firm to carry out a board evaluation process and joined NACD to support ongoing director education.​

Implemented pay vs. performance analysis for SEC disclosure of company financial performance measures used to determine executive compensation.

Updated Code of Conduct policy to reflect that we and our business partners meet the standards of business governance, environmental sustainability, and human rights.​

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and are committed to continued growth and progress.