Achieved 90% reduction in energy usage for datacenter cooling

Exclusively use IT hardware vendors that embrace environmental sustainability

Continued commitment to work-from-home, with 74% working remotely


$100,000 donated to four different charities selected by our employees

245 free software licenses issued in 53 countries with our University+ program to support the next generation of scientists

Released ILDsym® version 1A, which targets treatments to reduce the progression of ILD in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc), an underserved condition

Human Capital

Initiated annual employee engagement survey, and received over 80% engagement

Increased gender and racial diversity and inclusion, with over 39% of our employees from minority backgrounds and 47% women

Conducted compensation benchmarking study with external compensation consultant, and aligned all roles to market salary ranges

Business Governance

Developed the framework, policies and processes for a Personal Data Protection Program

Increased gender and racial diversity of the Board of Directors with appointment of new independent director

Implemented our ESG Steering Committee

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but are committed to continued growth and progress.