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Mucus effect Has anyone tried to model mucus effect on intestinal drug absorption? I couldn’t find the way to change the thickness of intestinal mucus nor to simulate the effect of drug binding to mucus in GastroPlus. Any suggestion how to resolve this issue?

A Question Submitted to the FIH Prediction Framework Webinar Presented Wednesday 20NOV2019: Following from this past Monday’s FDA workshop on the rollout of the PBPK model credibility assessment framework, how do the presenters view the impact to credibility of human PBPK models where factors impacting oral absorption such as ASF’s are optimized? Do the presenters feel that the degree of required verification might be higher for a model where ASF’s are optimized?

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Hi All, I would like to how much experience the users of the group has with dynamic prandial state modeling. The available GI physiology is either fasted of fed which is straight forward. I am thinking about how switching from fasted state to fed state in one simulation could affect absorption of molecules with low solubility and moderate permeability especially if there is slow GI motility because of the disease state of Con Med.

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