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Recently published from ACS Publications Molecular Pharmaceutics – “Practical Approach to Modeling the Impact of Amorphous Drug Nanoparticles on the Oral Absorption of Poorly Soluble Drugs” authored by Aaron M. Stewart and Michael E. Grass.

If the PK data in preclinical species come from doses much different from the one you are going to test in humans, is there any advice?

How I can export the predictions of the several partition coefficients from GP?

Question: What if a drug has a Tmax of 2 hours, logP of 3.9 and its bioavailability is hampered because of food? What will be the site of absorption of this drug?

Question: How the different partition coefficients methods can be used? Would you say that we should use the Lukacova methods as the best one in GP?

Latest GastroPlus publication from the journal of Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy:
“Prediction of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of topiroxostat in humans by integrating the physiologically based pharmacokinetic model with the drug-target residence time model”

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