2020 White Paper on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis: BMV of Hybrid Assays, Acoustic MS, HRMS, Data Integrity, Endogenous Compounds, Microsampling and Microbiome ( Part 1 – Recommendations on Industry/Regulators Consensus on BMV of Biotherapeutics by LCMS, Advanced Application in Hybrid Assays, Regulatory Challenges in Mass Spec, Innovation in Small Molecules, Peptides and Oligos)

Publication: Bioanalysis
Division: Simulations Plus


The 14th edition of the Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (14th WRIB) was held virtually on June 15-29, 2020 with an attendance of over 1000 representatives from pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, contract research organizations, and regulatory agencies worldwide. The 14th WRIB included three Main Workshops, seven Specialized Workshops that together spanned 11 days in order to allow exhaustive and thorough coverage of all major issues in bioanalysis, biomarkers, immunogenicity, gene therapy, cell therapy and vaccine. Moreover, a comprehensive vaccine assays track; an enhanced cytometry track and updated Industry/Regulators consensus on BMV of biotherapeutics by Mass Spectrometry (hybrid assays, LCMS and HRMS) were special features in 2020. As in previous years, this year’s WRIB continued to gather a wide diversity of international industry opinion leaders and regulatory authority experts working on both small and large molecules to facilitate sharing and discussions focused on improving quality, increasing regulatory compliance and achieving scientific excellence on bioanalytical issues. This 2020 White Paper encompasses recommendations emerging from the extensive discussions held during the workshop and is aimed to provide the Global Bioanalytical Community with key information and practical solutions on topics and issues addressed, in an effort to enable advances in scientific excellence, improved quality and better regulatory compliance. Due to its length, the 2020 edition of this comprehensive White Paper has been divided into three parts for editorial reasons. This publication covers the recommendations on (Part 1) Hybrid Assays, Innovation in Small Molecules, & Regulated Bioanalysis. Part 2A (BAV, PK LBA, Flow Cytometry Validation and Cytometry Innovation), Part 2B (Regulatory Input) and Part 3 (Vaccine, Gene/Cell Therapy, NAb Harmonization and Immunogenicity) are published in volume 13 of Bioanalysis, issues 5, and 6 (2021), respectively.

By Hendrik NeubertStephen C AlleyAnita LeeWenying JianMichael BuonaratiAnna EdmisonFabio GarofoloBoris GorovitsSam HaidarBill MylottParya NouriMark QianStephen VinterTroy VoelkerJan WelinkJiang WuEric YangHongbin YuChris EvansScott SummerfieldJian WangKevin BatemanJason BoerBrian DeanLieve DillenPatrick FaustinoLuca FerrariNicola HughesLina LuoTimothy OlahNoah PostDaniel S SpellmanJens SydorHui ZhangJenny ZhangJinhui ZhangChristine FandozziAmanda WilsonDaniela FraierChristopher J Beaver, Suman DandamudiArindam DasguptaRebecca ElliottAllena JiWenkui LiMichael McGuinness, Gustavo Mendes Lima SantosTahseen MirzaNatasha SavoieDiaa ShakleyaSune SporringSusan StojdlPhillip SundmanNilufer TampalEric Woolf