5 Reasons to Choose Simulations Plus Services for your Drug Discovery and Development Needs

Authors: Behr L
Division: Simulations Plus

Throughout the drug discovery process, companies need to eliminate poor drug candidates early to avoid costly studies and dead ends. When a promising drug candidate is identified, companies need to find the right formulation and dosage to provide the desired therapeutic effect while avoiding drug-drug interactions and adverse effects.

Simulation Plus scientists can help by providing modeling and simulations consulting services to enable you to find the answers you need using state of the art software. These are 5 reasons WHY – you should choose Simulations Plus for your Drug Discovery and development needs.

  1. You want in silico modeling and simulation experts performing the M&S studies that are expensive to perform in vivo. Simulations Plus offers a wide range of consulting services including; quantitative structure-activity and property relationship (QSAR/QSPR) modeling to assist with drug design efforts, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic and biopharmaceutics modeling (PBPK & PBBM), pharmacometrics, population PK/PD analyses, pharmacodynamic modeling and NONMEM analysis, and quantitative systems pharmacology and toxicology (QSP & QST).
  2. You want to learn from the best. We train the regulatory agencies that review your IND or NDA application! Training, either onsite or at a local workshop, is essential to help reduce R&D costs and regulatory obstacles. Our experienced scientists provide onsite training, webinars, and workshops on the use of different modeling approaches as they apply to current industry trends and case studies. Our in-house former FDA reviewers, provide the framework for a regulatory affairs reviewal process.
  3. You want to be involved in the evolution of your modeling and simulation studies. Our consulting teams believe communication is key to delivering a successful project. Scientists develop proposals with clearly stated objectives, tasks, and costs. We offer project management consulting services to schedule meetings at your convenience and to ensure regular reporting of the project’s progress and status. Our scientists remain in constant contact with our clients and integrated with their team.
  4. You want a company with a reliable reputation. Simulations Plus scientists have collaborated with and provided services for major pharmaceutical companies and health agencies, including the FDA, EMA, and PMDA. Our scientists regularly publish journal and literature articles in publications like the Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, CPT Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to name a few.
  5. Your organization does not have the time or resources to use our software directly, or if you need a fast turnaround on a project. Simulations Plus offers a comprehensive array of consulting services. Our interdisciplinary team of experts can review your data, collaborate to identify potential issues, and apply our technology to offer unique insights guiding your projects towards an optimal strategy and outcome.

If you are looking to integrate in silico modeling and simulation into your research activities, but do not have the in-house skills or resources, contact Simulations Plus today.

By Lisa Behr