A comparative study of marketed herbal liquid oral antacid formulations: In – vitro antacid activity, antiulcer activity and microbial standardization

Division: Simulations Plus


Number of herbal formulations are available which are claimed to have antacid and anti-ulcer activities. In the present study an attempt has been made to study in-vitro antacid activity and anti-ulcer activity of three marketed formulations along with microbial standardization. In-vitro antacid activity was checked by preliminary antacid test, acid neutralization capacity and rosset-rice test. Anti-ulcer activity was studied using aspirin induced gastric ulceration method on albino rats. Microbial standardization was carried out by following routine techniques. The product, which showed maximum antacid activity, also showed better antiulcer activity as compared to others. The study revealed a considerable difference in the antacid and anti-ulcer activities of products. One of the products failed microbial standardization with the total viable bacterial count above 104 bacteria / ml and showed presence of Shigella flexneri, an intestinal pathogen; and Xanthomonas axonopodis, a plant pathogen.

By S. Ingale, A. Ketkar, A. Paradkar