A Curious Case for Development of Kinase Inhibitors as Antigiardiasis Treatments Using Advanced Drug Techniques

Publication: ACS Infect Dis


Giardiasis is a neglected parasitic diarrheal disease that is particularly associated with poverty. Current treatment options are limited in the face of growing resistance, but the reduced kinome of Giardia lamblia increases the likelihood of identifying nonredundant essential kinases as potential drug targets. Repurposing known and newly identified kinase inhibitors in drug development programs for novel giardiasis therapeutics could therefore be a cost-effective and time saving approach. Innovative improvements to physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling coupled with emerging imaging technologies and a CRISPR-interference method could accelerate progress toward the goal of more effective giardiasis therapeutics based on kinase inhibition.’

By Samantha A. Michaels, Kelly M. Hennessey, Neal Paragas, Alexander R. Paredez, and Kayode K. Ojo