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Establishment of preclinical mechanistic in vitro-in vivo correlations for long-acting injectable suspensions
Poster #: M1030-02-07 |  Presented by: Daniela Silva
The purpose of this study was to use different modeling approaches to mechanistically understand the in vivo performance of different long-acting injectable suspensions (reference listed drug of medroxyprogesterone acetate and formulation variants) in preclinical species and to establish an in vitro – in vivo correlation.
Date/Time: Monday, October 17th at 10:30 am EST, Forum # 2, Monitor #07.

ILDsym successfully simulates SSc-ILD pathophysiology and inter-patient variability
Poster #: M1330-11-62 |  Presented by: Zackary Kenz
This work aimed to develop a mechanistic QSP model for systemic sclerosis (SSc)-associated interstitial lung disease (ILD) pathophysiology validated with clinical data and capable of representing responses to existing and novel treatments.
Date/Time: Monday, October 17th at 1:30 pm EST, Forum #11, Monitor #62.

Use of Quantitative Systems Toxicology (QST) to Identify Potential Intrinsic Mechanisms of Toxicity
Poster #: M1530-11-64 |  Presented by: Christina Battista
This study aimed to investigate whether a QST model could account for liver chemistry abnormalities observed during BAY1128688 treatment and provide insight into mechanisms driving hepatotoxicity and bilirubin elevations.
Date: Monday, October 17th at 3:30 pm EST, Forum #11, Monitor #64.

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling of Rifampicin and Its Application for Drug-Drug Interaction with Midazolam in Adults
Poster #: W0930-05-26 |  Presented by: Suvarchala Avvari
The purpose was to develop a mechanistic PBPK model for RIF which accounts for all the relevant mechanisms after IV and PO administration in healthy and tuberculosis (TB) subjects. This model was validated by predicting the effect of RIF administration on midazolam (MDZ) PK.
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 19th at 9:30 am EST, Forum #5, Monitor#26.

Clinical Ocular Exposure Extrapolation Using PBPK Modeling and Simulation: Gatifloxacin Solution Case Study
Poster #: W1230-02-1 |  Presented by: Scientist II, Farah Al Qaraghuli
Development and validation of gatifloxacin administration as an ophthalmic solution in rabbits as well as predicting its clinical exposure in humans.
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 19th at 12:30 pm EST, Forum #02,
Monitor #10.

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