April 2021 GastroPlus Newsletter

Authors: O’Connor D

Happy Spring. For most of the world, we are beginning to come out of our Covid enforced isolation. Meetings are still virtual; however, we are looking forward to renewing “face-to-face” events and programs assuredly early next year 2022…and maybe even as soon as this fall.

Thank you to all those who were present for the Simulations Plus 2021 MIDD+ meetings. Over 1000+ registrants applied for the multi-tracked sessions. For those who may wish to revisit a presentation, you will find replays here.

The Spring calendar is blossoming with new events that may be of interest to you.
On April 14, our Brazilian distributors ICF, will be hosting a webinar entitled, The Role of PBBM in Support of Drug Product Development, Manufacturing Changes and Controls via Safe Space Biowaivers with Sandra Suarez-Sharp as a presenter. You can find more details here.

I will be attending “virtually” the AAPS Northeast Regional Discussion Group (NERDG)(Virtual) Annual Meeting – Friday, April 16. Please let me know if you are presenting, and I will be happy to promote your talk or poster on my LinkedIn page. Find details here.

And lastly, on April 21, there will be a webinar entitled, Early assessment of PK properties using ADMET Predictor® HTPK Simulation Technology. Deployment of a high-throughput mechanistic PBPK approach at Roche. Register here.

We have seen a real uptick in interest for adding modules to current GastroPlus licenses expanding functionality. Please let me know if anyone wishes to activate “on a trial basis” a module for your current license to ascertain if it would have merit for facilitating your research.

We invite any opportunity to help you and your teams increase the use, utility, and understanding of GastroPlus.

By Dan O’Connor