April 2024 GastroPlus Newsletter

Software: GastroPlus®

Spring brings with it a fresh wave of opportunities for growth and learning, and we’re excited to share some upcoming events and resources with you this month!

DDI Webinar: How to Use Your Predictions to Support Regulatory Submission

Join us on April 18th for a webinar focused on drug-drug interaction (DDI) modeling. You’ll learn how standard DDI models have been validated in GastroPlus®, and discover how you can leverage the software to characterize and validate the impact of transporters on various pharmacokinetic parameters. It promises to be an interactive session!

Special Offer for GastroPlus User Community

Enroll in our GastroPlus Advanced Workshop on April 22nd and benefit from a special BOGO promo exclusively for you! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in PBPK modeling. Email education@simulations-plus.com for more details.

MIDD+ Boston: May 6-7
We’re thrilled to announce MIDD+ Boston! This two-day in-person event will take place May 6th & 7th, and feature insightful presentations from your industry peers on Day 1, and GPX training led by our Chief Science Officer, Viera Lukacova, on Day 2. Registration is mandatory, and seats are limited. Reserve your spot now!

Conferences and Workshops:

V RedIF 2024 Congress: James Mullin & Daniela Silva will be presenting at the V RedIF 2024 Congress and will host an in-person GastroPlus® Workshop on PBBM. April 22nd-23rd: Bogota, Colombia

On-Demand Course for April: Ocular Administration (OCAT™) in GastroPlus®

Especially for attendees of the upcoming ARVO Conference (and all software users), we’re offering a specialized workshop on the ocular administration of compounds. Gain insights into simulating various ocular dosages using GastroPlus and explore its applications in ocular drug delivery.

If you have any questions or require personalized guidance on PBBM and PBPK modeling into your projects, model guidance for new team members, or regulatory support for your submissions, our expert consulting team is here to assist you every step of the way. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you at one of our upcoming events or discuss your project needs further via email.

Looking forward to our continued collaboration and shared success.