Biowaiver Applications in Support of a Polymorph During Late-Stage Clinical Development of Verubecestat—Current Challenges and Future Opportunities for Global Regulatory Alignment

Publication: AAPS J
Software: GastroPlus®


Dissolution experiments to support an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) form change in Verubecestat immediate release tablets were performed following current regulatory guidance published by health authorities in Canada, Australia, Japan, the EU, and the USA. Verubecestat API meets the requirements of a Biopharmaceutics Classification System class 1 compound and tablets are very rapidly dissolving in aqueous dissolution media. While the in vitro data were reviewed favorably by these agencies, the divergence in regulatory requirements led to unnecessary work and highlights several issues companies operating globally face to justify product changes that have very little impact on quality. The data presented in this manuscript provide a compelling case for adjustments to the current draft ICH M9 guidance which provides recommendations for biowaiver applications. Specifically, this manuscript contains recommendations with respect to API attributes, selection of dissolution media and apparatus, and methods to assess dissolution similarity if needed, which should be considered for inclusion in a science- and risk-based global guidance document to benefit patients, regulators, and the pharmaceutical industry.