Capture and Use of Meaningful Data for Population PK/PD Analysis with Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling

Your model is only as good as your data! You know population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) non-linear mixed effects (NLME) modeling is important for your program and regulatory submission, but have you considered the data you feed into the model?

In this webinar, Rebecca Humphrey, Principal Data Manager, and Dr. Mitali Gaurav, Assistant Director of Pharmacometrics, will discuss data needed for the best analysis dataset for PK/PD NLME modeling for multiple software and the importance of collecting meaningful data. The capture of appropriate dosing data will be the primary focus as it can present many challenges.

Population PK/PD modeling depends on an accurate time-ordered analysis dataset. If concentration times in relation to the dose times are not accurate, it can lead to incorrect conclusions. It is equally important to collect and provide the intrinsic and extrinsic factors needed to develop the appropriate model to describe the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug.

Attendees can expect to learn why collecting meaningful data for population PK/PD analysis is important, as well as how clinical data is used to create analysis datasets. Presenters will share examples of specific dosing challenges and discuss strategies and best practices for addressing them. Attendees will also learn tips for successful analysis dataset building.

If you want to learn the importance of collecting relevant clinical data to ease the creation of PK/PD analysis datasets, watch now.

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