Clinical pharmacodynamics of quinolones

Publication: Infect Dis Clin North Am
Division: Cognigen


An understanding of fundamental PK-PD principles forms the basis for the rational use of antimicrobial agents. For quinolones, the fAUC24:MIC ratio is predictive of efficacy in animal and in vitro infection models, and in infected patients. The magnitude of the fAUC24:MIC ratio predictive of efficacy in animal and in vitro infection models has been shown to be concordant with those obtained from human data. By accounting for PK and microbiologic variability together with PK-PD targets associated with efficacy or resistance suppression by Monte Carlo simulation, it is possible to discriminate between therapeutic regimens and select those regimens likely to be of greater benefit to patients. The maturation of antimicrobial PK-PD as a scientific discipline continues to accelerate and currently impacts clinical practice, drug development, and regulatory decision making.

By, Ambrose PG, Bhavnani SM, Owens RC Jr