Current State and Opportunities with Long-acting Injectables: Industry Perspectives from the Innovation and Quality Consortium “Long-Acting Injectables” Working Group

Publication: Pharm Res
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Long-acting injectable (LAI) formulations can provide several advantages over the more traditional oral formulation as drug product opportunities. LAI formulations can achieve sustained drug release for extended periods of time, which results in less frequent dosing requirements leading to higher patient adherence and more optimal therapeutic outcomes. This review article will provide an industry perspective on the development and associated challenges of long-acting injectable formulations. The LAIs described herein include polymer-based formulations, oil-based formulations, and crystalline drug suspensions. The review discusses manufacturing processes, including quality controls, considerations of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), biopharmaceutical properties and clinical requirements pertaining to LAI technology selection, and characterization of LAIs through in vitro, in vivo and in silico approaches. Lastly, the article includes a discussion around the current lack of suitable compendial and biorelevant in vitro models for the evaluation of LAIs and its subsequent impact on LAI product development and approval.

By Andrea Bauer, Philippe Berben, Sudhir S. Chakravarthi, Sayantan Chattorraj, Ashish Garg, Betty Gourdon, Tycho Heimbach, Ye Huang, Christopher Morrison, Deepak Mundhra, Ramesh Palaparthy, Pratik Saha, Maxime Siemons, Naveed A. Shaik, Yi Shi, Sara Shum, Naveen K. Thakral, Shweta Urva, Ryan Vargo, Venkat R. Koganti & Stephanie E. Barrett