DDDPlus v6: In Vitro Dissolution… Reimagined

Authors: Mullin JM
Software: DDDPlus™
Division: Simulations Plus

In vitro-in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) has been a major focus of biopharmaceutics research over the last 20 years, and integration of in silico models built in GastroPlus™ help researchers identify in vitro methods for dissolution and precipitation that are more predictive. DDDPlus™ 6.0 is our updated in vitro platform that provides new functionality and models to evaluate precipitation kinetics of formulations. In this new release, advanced in vitro dissolution models for Artificial Stomach and Duodenum (ASD), biphasic dissolution, and membrane dissolution test have been added to DDDPlus in order to evaluate precipitation kinetics with more realistic conditions such as absorption, transit, and pH changes. Additional formulation models for solutions, controlled release long acting injectable PLGA microspheres, and controlled release coated beads have also been included.

In this webinar, we will show specific case studies with IVIVE of precipitation kinetics utilizing precipitation transfer assays, biphasic dissolution, and the ASD test. Together, these new features will improve your ability to perform IVIVE of different formulations with GastroPlus.

Jim Mullin
Team Leader of Simulation Technologies
Simulations Plus, Inc.