Development of nanocrystal formulation of meloxicam with improved dissolution and pharmacokinetic behaviors

Publication: Int J Pharm
Software: GastroPlus®


The present study aimed to develop nanocrystal formulations of meloxicam(MEL) in order to enhance its biopharmaceutical properties and provide a rapid onset of action. Nanocrystal formulations were prepared by wet-milling and lyophilization with hydrophilic polymers used as aggregation inhibitors. Aggregation inhibitors were selected based on high-throughput screening of crystal growth inhibition in supersaturated MEL solution. Supersaturation of MEL was observed in PVP K-30, HPC-SSL, and POVACOAT Type F solution. Although the particle size distributions of pulverized MEL with PVP K-30 (MEL/PVP), HPC-SSL (MEL/HPC), and POVACOAT Type F (MEL/POVA) were in the nanometer range following lyophilization, increases in micron-sized aggregates were observed after storage at 60°C for 21 days. The order of increased amount of aggregates was MEL/POVA≫MEL/HPC>MEL/PVP. These findings showed that hydrophilic polymers that inhibited crystal growth in supersaturated MEL solutions tended to prevent aggregation. The dissolution behavior of all nanocrystal formulations tested was markedly enhanced compared with that of unpulverized MEL. Oral administration of MEL/PVP showed a 2.0h shortened Tmax and a 5.0-fold increase in bioavailability compared with unpulverized MEL. These findings showed that the MEL/PVP mixture was physicochemically stable and provided a rapid onset of action and enhanced bioavailability after oral administration.