DILIsym® Applications in Drug Development – Perspectives from 2 Pharma Industry Executives & an Experienced Consultant

Software: DILIsym®
Division: DILIsym Services

What do NURTEC™ ODT, TURALIO®, lixivaptan, solithromycin, JYNARQUE®, VEKLURI®, and UBRELVY® have in common?
The DILIsym software platform for predicting and evaluating liver safety was utilized during their development. DILIsym is developed within the context of the DILI-sim Initiative, an on-going public-private partnership that has been supported by 20 of the largest pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and academia.

In this panel-driven webinar, some of the highest-profile DILIsym applications will be briefly presented, followed by a Q&A session with Dr. Vlad Coric (CEO of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals) and Dr. Lorenzo Pellegrini (COO of Palladio Biosciences). Dr. Paul B. Watkins, a hepatologist and DILI expert who advises drug development programs for most major pharma companies, will also participate. The experts will share their thoughts and opinions, including the future of Quantitative Systems Toxicology in drug development.

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