Dose Number as a Tool to Guide Lead Optimization for Orally Bioavailable Compounds in Drug Discovery

Publication: J Med Chem
Software: GastroPlus®


Small molecule developability challenges have been well documented over the last two decades. One of these critical developability parameters is aqueous solubility. In general, more soluble compounds have improved oral absorption. While enabling formulation technologies exist to improve bioperformance for low solubility compounds, these are often more complex, expensive, and challenging to scale up. Therefore, to avoid these development issues, medicinal chemists need tools to rapidly profile and improve the physicochemical properties of molecules during discovery. Dose number (Do) is a simple metric to predict whether a compound will be reasonably absorbed based on solubility at an expected clinical dose and represents a valuable parameter to the medicinal chemist defining a clinical candidate. The goal of this mini-Perspective is to present the background of the Do equation and how it can be effectively used to rapidly predict oral absorption potential for molecules in the discovery space.

By W. Peter Wuelfing, Abdellatif El Marrouni, Maya P. Lipert, Pierre Daublain, Filippos Kesisoglou, Antonella Converso, and Allen C. Templeton