Downregulation of IRF4 induces lytic reactivation of KSHV in primary effusion lymphoma cells

Publication: Virology


Primary effusion lymphoma (PEL), associated with the latent infection by KSHV, constitutively expresses interferon-regulatory factor 4 (IRF4). We recently showed that IRF4 differentially regulates expression of cellular interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs) and viral genes (Forero et al., 2013). Here, using inducible IRF4 knockdown, we demonstrate that IRF4 silencing results in enhanced transcription of KSHV replication transactivator RTA. As a result viral transcription is increased leading to virus reactivation. Taken together, our results show that IRF4 helps maintain the balance between latency and KSHV reactivation in PEL cells.

By Adriana Forero, Kevin Dylan McCormick, Frank J Jenkins, Saumendra N. Sarkar