ETCM: an encyclopaedia of traditional Chinese medicine

Publication: Nucleic Acids Res
Software: MedChem Studio™


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not only an effective solution for primary health care, but also a great resource for drug innovation and discovery. To meet the increasing needs for TCM-related data resources, we developed ETCM, an Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ETCM includes comprehensive and standardized information for the commonly used herbs and formulas of TCM, as well as their ingredients. The herb basic property and quality control standard, formula composition, ingredient drug-likeness, as well as many other information provided by ETCM can serve as a convenient resource for users to obtain thorough information about a herb or a formula. To facilitate functional and mechanistic studies of TCM, ETCM provides predicted target genes of TCM ingredients, herbs, and formulas, according to the chemical fingerprint similarity between TCM ingredients and known drugs. A systematic analysis function is also developed in ETCM, which allows users to explore the relationships or build networks among TCM herbs, formulas,ingredients, gene targets, and related pathways or diseases. ETCM is freely accessible at We expect ETCM to develop into a major data warehouse for TCM and to promote TCM related researches and drug development in the future.