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The mechanistic translation of nonclinical pharmacokinetic data to humans can make or break the success of your clinical plan.

It’s critical to understand how to get the insight you need to determine…

What the clinical starting dose should be based on your nonclinical data
What doses will be included in your first-in-human (FIH) study
If you will achieve safety cover in nonclinical species
If your drug product will benefit from micronization
Whether you need to consider drug-drug interaction (DDI) studies
Other challenges that may need to be addressed in clinical development
In this webinar, Becky Graves, Director of Simulation Studies at Simulations Plus, will explain how to leverage the FIH Simulator to gain these insights and more. She’ll walk through physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) best practices, and how you can build PBPK models to translate nonclinical data to accurately design your FIH clinical trial and beyond.

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Upcoming Webinars

  • Weight Loss Without Nausea: How QSP Modeling Can Optimize Obesity Treatments | Register
  • Unlocking the Power of PBPK Modeling: PBPK for First-in-Human and Beyond | Register
  • International Perspectives on Model-Informed Precision Dosing: From the Data to the Patients | Register

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Novice & Advanced Users

Grace Fraczkiewicz leading our GastroPlus workshop at ACoP 2023.

Online Learning 
  • Advanced GastroPlus DMPK & Clinical Pharmacology Workshop (Virtual)
  • PBPK Modeling for FIH Predictions: Virtual Workshop
  • Complimentary Introduction to GastroPlus Workshop
  • GastroPlus Introductory Workshop
  • Introductory and Advanced Pharmaceutical Development Workshop (Bundle)
    • Mar. 11th-April 25th
  • GastroPlus Application Based DDI Workshop
  • Complimentary Introduction to GastroPlus Workshop
  • GastroPlus Advanced Workshop: Pharmaceutical Development


  • Introductory GastroPlus Workshop: Mumbai, India
  • PAGE Pre-conference Workshop: Introduction to GPX™

On-Demand Courses

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Meet Us In Person

PHUSE US Connect 2024: The Clinical Data Science Conference Feb. 25th-28th Bethesda, MD

  • Presentation: An End User’s Perspective of Clinical Dosing Data Used for Population PK / PD Analysis with Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling Presenter: Rebecca Humphrey

MIDD+ Cambridge UK Feb. 29th -Mar.1st Cambridge, England, UKSOT 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo Mar. 10th-14th Salt Lake City, UT

AAPS 2024 NERDG Annual Meeting Mar. 22nd, Groton, CT

  • Attendees: Dan O’Connor, Daniel Szot

ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting Mar. 27th-29th, Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Fully power your first-in-human predictions with our FIH Simulator. Learn more.
  • Discover how you can use AI for early drug discovery. Start now.
  • Get more out of consulting with Consult + Coach. Here’s how.

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On Demand Webinars

  • Using QST Predictions to Optimize Your Drug, De-Risk Your Regulatory Submission, and Guide R&D | Watch
  • Capture and Use of Meaningful Data for Population PK/PD Analysis with Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling | Watch
  • From Target Identification to Novel Lead: How Multi-omics Analysis and AI-driven Drug Design Can
  • Accelerate Early Drug Discovery | Watch

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Latest Research, Articles & Case Studies

  • PBPK Modeling Approach to Predict the Behavior of Drugs Cleared by Metabolism in Pregnant Subjects and Fetuses | Read more
  • Assessing the utility of in silico tools in early drug development: The case of a pharmaceutically relevant formulation of the prodrug psilocybin | Read more
  • Use of the Same Model or Modeling Strategy Across Multiple Submissions: Focus on Complex Drug Products | Read more
  • Preclinical characterization of the absorption and disposition of the brain penetrant PI3K/mTOR inhibitor paxalisib and prediction of its pharmacokinetics and efficacy in human | Read more
  • Better bioavailability: The role of PBPK software predictions | Read more
  • How to Select Your First-in-Human Modeling and Simulation Software Platform | Read more
  • Identifying the Right Drug Dosage to Prevent DILI: How Astellas Used QST to Progress Fezolinetant to Phase 3 and Beyond | Read more
  • Evaluating Hepatoxicity Before Late-Stage Trials: How Biohaven Used QST to Ensure Liver Safety and Gain Regulatory Approval | Read more

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