GastroPlus™ 9.6 Release Webinar: Improvements Supporting R&D Through Regulatory Interactions

Authors: Lukacova V
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus

Among the topics that will be covered:
• ACAT™ model (base program): new options for dynamic intestinal fluid models
• Improved covariates when generating populations
• Additional disease physiology groups (obesity, renal impairment)
• New clearance mechanisms in blood compartments
• Expanded enzyme/transporter distribution information in preclinical species and human
• Additional validated compound model files for DDI substrates & inhibitors
• Time scale/shift correlation functions when building IVIVCs
• New ‘Triple Weibull’ function for mechanistic deconvolutions
• New bacteria killing PD models
• New functionality for most mechanistic absorption models: dermal, ocular, nasal/pulmonary, and long-acting injectable
• Excel file formats, with expanded concentration outputs, for Batch, PSA, and Population Simulator modes
• Custom template generation for seamless use of GastroPlus to drive DILIsym® SimPops™ liver injury predictions
• Significant simulation performance (speed) improvements
… and more!

Viera Lukacova, Ph.D.
Director, Simulation Sciences
Simulations Plus, Inc.