GastroPlus® Lecture Series Part II: Mechanistic IVIVCs and Virtual BE trial simulations

Authors: Macwan J, Lukacova V
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: PBPK


This GastroPlus® webinar hosted by Joyce Macwan, Sr. Scientist II, provides an overview of mechanistic IVIVC and virtual bioequivalence trials to support formulation development.

The objectives of this complimentary lecture are to:

(1) Discuss differences between mechanistic and traditional deconvolution methods
(2) Share a case example to build and validate IVIVC using traditional (Loo-Riegelman) and mechanistic absorption deconvolution methods
(3) Discuss the synergy between DDDPlus™ and GastroPlus software
(4) Share a case example to determine dissolution specifications via virtual BE trials

BY Joyce Macwan, Viera Lukacova

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